2022s Top 13 Conversational Ai Platforms & Features Compared

Primary interviews were conducted to gather insights, such as market statistics, revenue data collected from solutions and services, market breakups, market size estimations, market forecasts, and data triangulation. Primary research also helped in understanding various trends related to technologies, applications, deployments, and regions. Druid is an industry-agnostic conversational AI platform that lets enterprises create connected virtual assistants that improve productivity through automation and deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels. Some of the biggest players didn’t show up in the top 5We think this happened because deep learning and NLU are only a small piece of the puzzle in creating compelling conversational experiences. Dialogflow is a conversational user experience platform enabling natural language interactions for devices, applications and services. In all industries, enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and even startups are using automatic speech recognition technology, chatbots or digital assistants to improve the lives of their customers and employees.

  • The company’s AI system can not only speak a wide range of different languages but can also adopt the appropriate regional accent depending on the caller.
  • A bigger range of support requests are solved, in less time, resulting in happier customers and more focused employees.
  • While that system was remarkable at the time, Flaks explained it really still was a passive solution, as a user still needed to actually tell the system what to do.

They do not represent a full clinical solution but rather one potentially useful tool for those in need. A less common approach is to develop contact center AI purpose-built for a particular vertical. This is the approach taken by BirchAI, a young startup that recently spun out of the Allen Institute for AI . BirchAI has built a cutting-edge NLP solution focused on contact centers in healthcare. The company’s target customers include health insurers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies.

Market Size Estimation

Questions can range from topics like medical insurance payroll and leave requests to appraisal status. The conversational AI platform can integrate with help desk platforms like HappyFox and Zendesk. That way, and tickets created from AI-driven conversations can still be escalated to your live agents. Bots aren’t intended to replace agents, but instead, they can handle lower priority issues so your team can tackle the more complicated ones. The live chat platform’s bot solution is a custom-built bot designed for enterprise businesses. HappyFox Chatbot is intended to help deflect tickets and reduce your support volume.
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Kea drives the world’s commerce by empowering restaurants to operate more intelligently and own their relationship with customers. Shelf frees companies from the complexities of knowledge management with AI, so employees can do a better job and always find the answers they need. Hugging Face is a social AI who learns to chit-chat, talks sassy, and trades selfies with users.

Improving Your Chatbot For The Modern User

As AI is being deployed to assist customers, it’s also mining customer data that will strengthen its ability to provide personal attention to that customer in the future. These processes allow businesses to develop more robust marketing techniques and will enable them to meet their customers on their terms to achieve better interactions. Was selected by the Indian Government to build chatbots and voice assistants for its official app platform Umang, last year. Additionally, it is also a part of Cisco India’s accelerator programme, Cisco LaunchPad. conversational ai companies Chatbots can also make recommendations to end users thanks to personalization elements in conversational AI, allowing businesses to cross-sell things that customers may not have considered before. Replicant is a leading provider of a conversational AI platform that instantly solves problems over the phone, improves customer experience, and reduces cost. Headquartered in San Francisco, Replicant was founded on the belief that machines are… Bridging the gap between customer expectations and experiences by providing instant resolutions.

SmartAction’s virtual assistants can handle all types of scheduling requests and are prepared to address just about any scheduling interaction you can think of. Companies that have built conversational applications know channel-optionality is critical. Since businesses are expected to exist where their customers communicate and communication channel preferences often change, it’s worth a fortune to know that you have the option to create conversational experiences for any channel. It’s also huge to be able to easily create experiences that can transition from Machine Learning Definition channel to channel and can facilitate single conversations on multiple channels simultaneously. In a different corner of the healthcare universe, Infinitus is another fast-growing startup to keep an eye on. Infinitus offers voice AI technology—what the company has termed “VoiceRPA”—to automate routine phone calls for providers, insurers and pharmacies. Infinitus’ product is directly comparable to players like Replicant and AI Rudder, discussed above in the “Conversational Voice Assistants” section, except that it is built specifically for healthcare.

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